CCTV Cameras

2 TECH SECURITY SYSTEM is a full service provider of IP, digital, wireless and covert surveillance cameras and CCTV installation services, servicing clients in Zanzibar area and throughout the United Republic of Tanzania. Our professionals understand the needs of our commercial, retail, residential, government and house of worship clients, will ask the right questions and will specify and install the correct equipment for each project.

2 TECH SECURITY SYSTEM prides itself in providing strong value, the latest surveillance and access control technology and competitive pricing for all installation projects and cameras that meet our clients' budgets and timelines, including wireless, outdoor, covert, night vision and motion activated surveillance cameras.

At 2 TECH SECURITY SYSTEM , our knowledgeable and dedicated customer service teams coupled with ongoing on-site support plans provide the basis for successful long term relationships with our clients. Our industry leading quality, technology and proven track record has made 2 TECH SECURITY SYSTEM the choice for business, government and residential customers alike for their surveillance and access control project needs.

We invite you to learn more about the surveillance cameras and access control systems we offer, as well as some of the latest offerings in surveillance video image analytics, which can provide video intelligence for a wide range of applications, including facial and license plate recognition, cargo and object tracking as well as traffic and cargo monitoring.

2 TECH SECURITY SYSTEM  is your partner for complete surveillance camera and access control solutions. To discuss the specifics of your project, contact us today.